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Gallery for inspiration :

Frank de Lise : a great 3d artist who using 3D Studio MAX.

Todd Sheridan : a amazing 3d artist, images from the video game "SIN".

Inoki Oken : 3D artist since 1987.

NEXUS3D : a great french user of 3D Studio MAX.


3D Ressources :

3d CAFE : tutorials, 3D gallery, last info, some free stuff, live chat, etc...

3d Links : a giant 3D ressources that contains somes links.

MAX 3D : a website for 3D Studio MAX users updated every day, a must.

MAXww : a great 3D ressource.

3D Ark : a big 3D ressource.

3D up : a search engine for 3D site research in some domain.


Compagny :

Kinetix : developper of 3DS max, 3DS VIZ, and Character Studio.

Digimation : plugins distributor

Trinity3D : plugins resealer, free plugins available in this web site.

Cebas : developper of effects plugins, you can get a free copy of pyrocluster 1.0.

Blizzard entairtenement : Maker of diablo II, and starcraft.

Westwood Studio : developpement of video games using 3DS MAX

NTI : maker of davinci3d, a plugin for 3DS MAX.

Animagic : plug ins developer.




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